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"I like to look at little things and how they go together
and why it's hard to figure out how things come apart."
Kevin Connolly, "Little Things"



Michael Fowlin
Actor - Psychologist - Poet

Dr. Michael Fowlin ( a.k.a. Mykee ) has assembled exciting programs on the issues of race,discrimination, violence prevention and personal identity. His original and powerful presentations, now seen by over a million people, bring a heightened awareness of these issues to your students, faculty, administrators and parents. They also suggest SOLUTIONS.Please browse the site and learn more about Mykee and the many ways his performances can impact your community. Currently Mykee is performing the classic "You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me" along with three new shows detailed below.


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Mykee Reccomends DiRt

Performed in the spirit and format of "You Don't Know Me..." Dirt communicates an incredibly powerful message that all young people should experience. Like Mykee, John Morello effortlessly connects with young people across the country in a spellbinding emotional way. For five years John has been endorsed by MADD, SADD, ASAP, & LMTI as he explores issues of Substance Abuse, Choices, and Personal Identity in a theatrical and non-threatening style. Appropriate for Middle School, High School, and College audiences. Visit iamdirt.com or call 413.267.5557 for more information about John Morello's show "Dirt."

A One Man Show of Substance Abuse & Choices.
Written & Performed by Actor/Comedian John Morello.
Mykee is proud to give full endorsement to
John Morello and his show "Dirt."





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